helping to develop speaking and leadership skills 
Wokingham Speakers Club


Wokingham Speakers meet twice a month on the first and third Tuesday evenings in The Rose Room, Rose Street, in the town centre.  
The club is run by members for members, using the tried and tested learning programme of Toastmasters International. We are a friendly group and often continue our socialising after meetings at a local hostelry! We are growing fast and encourage you to come and visit us one evening. 
Toastmasters International is a non-profit making organisation dedicated to effective public speaking, communication and leadership skills. With over 10,000 clubs, and more than 255,000 members worldwide in more than 90 countries, Toastmasters International has been helping people like you since 1924. 
We thought the best way for you to learn about us, and what you might get from joining us would be to ask each of our committee members to explain why they joined, and how they have benefited so far: 
Marce Colucci| Club President 
""I first started in Toastmasters in the early 1980’s in Canada. We started a group at the company I was working for. But due to travelling and job changes I didn’t pursue it again until I found the Wokingham group a couple of years ago. 
I have found that the support and practice I have had speaking in front of the group has given me so much more confidence when speaking to anyone in any situation. It’s true that practice makes perfect, but you can never have too much practice speaking and more importantly – listening!"  
Graham Hobbs | Vice President Membership 
"I joined to help develop memory skills for public speaking. I wanted to be able to prepare and deliver a speech without notes in order to better connect with an audience." 
John Murphy | Vice President Education 
"I joined Toastmasters at Reading Speakers club in the late nineties. I went on to achieve my ATMB award together with serving as Club President and latterly as Area Governor. At that time I decided to take a rest from Toastmasters. 
Time flew by, as it does, and it wasn't until late 2014 that I decided to rejoin. As this was a new start I also decided to join a new club, hence how I found myself at Wokingham Speakers. I was immediately taken by the warm welcome and vibrant club meetings. I'm hoping that my year as VPE will help to maintain the great record the club has achieved so far." 
Andrew Sims | Vice President Public Relations 
"I heard about Toastmasters at a local networking group and it sounded that good, I thought I would attend the visitors' day. I was so impressed that I joined immediately. The Club has helped me tremendously with my public speaking. In my first year as a member I found myself competing at two speaking contests. My brief time at the Club has been rewarding and such fun!" 
Brian Moffat | Sergeant at Arms 
"I joined for fun, for interest, to meet local people and to find a cure for Death-by-PowerPoint. 
I found all four." 
Asha Narasimha | Secretary and Treasurer 
"I joined Toastmasters in May 2014 following a failure to get selected in the promotion panel at my workplace, this instigated me to explore options towards overall development. 
I attended few clubs in the region before I settled at Wokingham Speakers. I find Wokingham Speakers the best club to be associated with. The good news is, just after 6 months of being a member of Toastmasters, I earned my promotion." 
Mell Sheppard | Immediate Past President 
""I joined ToastMasters in 2009, as my Manager at the time watched me give a presentation in a team meeting and was pretty horrified by the result! He reccomended I get some help and it was from there that I joined up. My challenge wasn't standing up in front of an audience, I could manage the nerves, what I couldn't manage was structuring a presentation and getting an effective message across! 
I planned to solve this problem by working through the first manual, the Competent Communicator and once I'd completed that, I planned to leave. Five and a half years later I'm still here and I am now a very happy member of Wokingham Speakers! 
If you asked me what the highlight of my time has been, I would say giving a speech at my sister's wedding and sitting down feeling like I'd said everything I wanted to say, in just the way I wanted to say it. I have Toastmasters to thank for that."