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News, April 2016 

Who's the best? 
Amanda Bouch 
5th April 2016 

Career and life moves, the developments in business intelligence, the value of a tree as a gift and living with blindness.  
These were the topics chosen by our speakers this week and they delighted us all with both education and entertainment. 
Rachel receiving her Icebreaker award from President, Mell 
New member Rachel gave her icebreaker speech, “Not goodbye but au revoir” and we discovered that she moved to Wokingham from Paris, a place she loves, to be with the man she loves. She is keeping up the French by retraining as a teacher of French. A brave move, and I think she’ll make an inspiring and fun teacher. 
Do you remember the days of pulling data together on a spreadsheet and manually generating reports? Cherif took us back there, before taking us through the developments in business intelligence right up to todays ‘Big Data’. He explained “The rise of business intelligence” in everyday terms to deliver on the objectives of project 4: Say it with words. 
David gave us three very good reasons why a tree is a wonderful gift. I love the thought that such a gift is very long-lasting and good for the environment as well as showing real affection and thoughtfulness. Next time you wonder what to get someone, say “Please let me buy you a tree.” 
Therese brought her storytelling speech “The dimming of the day” home to us by talking about loss of sight in the darkened room. She was particularly interested in this story because eyes featured strongly in her own family. Her father was an optician and her uncle had lost an eye. She won Best Speaker for this entertaining and informative story. 
Adarsh conducted a Table Topics session that generated very interesting answers. He took situations where he had been put on the spot and had to talk his way out of it. These were the situations he put to the speakers. We had 6 speakers and Nadir won Best Topics Speaker with his smooth-talking his wife over forgetting their wedding anniversary. 
The evaluators all showed they had paid close attention to the speaker and offered praise and helpful suggestions to the speakers. Marce won Best Evaluator for his feedback on the Table Topics master and 6 speakers. 
We had a visit from the Area Director, Nick Bailey, who also took the role of General Evaluator and gave us very positive feedback. It’s wonderful to receive endorsement as a warm and achieving club. This is exactly what we strive to be. 
We had such a good evening that there was quite a group of us down the pub afterwards. 
Amanda Bouch, Toastmaster of the Evening