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News, December 2015 

British Themed Evening 
Daniel Roberts 
1st December 2015 

There were four speakers starting with Asha Narasimha. She opened with an informative speech from the advanced manual covered the various issues that need to be considered when planning for retirement. She covered both practical issues like the amount of money you need to save and 'soft' issues like hobbies and relationships.  
Next David Wilson with his speech 'Test It!', covered the importance of testing fire alarms and how to do it.  
Ardash Saini described his upbringing in Ambala, India in his icebreaker speech 'Childhood Memories'.  
Finally Karen Marshall provided a speech on finding a life partner. Best speaker was awarded to David. 
Monika and Alan receiving their awards from President, Mell 
In the second half of the evening we had table topics which was entertaining as always with five different speakers, with highlights including 'Hot and Cold' in which Nadir described his time in the 'hot' Yemen and the 'cold' Russia. Marce spoke about the contrast of printed or paperless, whilst Alan spoke about country life versus city life. 
Monika was asked to contrast beach and adventure holidays whilst Brian was asked to comment on the different contrast between the popular TV shows Strictly or X Factor. The best table topic speaker was awarded to Marce. 
After table topics we had our evaluations and reports from the Grammarian Rachel Tinker and the General Evaluator Randip Chhokar. Best evaluator went to Mell Sheppard
The evening ended with an address from our President Mell Sheppard