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News, February 2016 

You can do it! 
Therese Edkins 
2nd February 2016 

A hardy set of members braved the outside elements of hurricane Henry to attend the club meeting. 
Our President, Mell reminded us that our club contest will be taking part on Tuesday 1st March and encouraged members to step forward and participate. 
Amanda proceeded to give an educational speech on contests, with the title "You can do it", recalling her first humorous speech contest when she overcame her nerves, challenged herself and saw success at division level. 
Award winners Amanda, Stephen, President Mell, Beverley and Joe 
Our next speech was from a new member Stephen whose speech "Who am I?" told us about his passionate views on education, graduate employment and law. 
This was followed by Adarsh who spoke about the power of yoga, particularly prayanam, its origins and its benefits. The fourth prepared speech was delivered eloquently by Mell, who presented "resolving conflict" from the leadership excellence series. Best speaker was awarded to Amanda. 
The table topics section was lively and engaging due in part by the excellent questions raised by Deborah but also due to the humour and light hearted banter provided by Mark, Cherif, Joe, Steve and Neil. The theme was being stranded on a desert island, would you write a book, plan to escape, what would you salvage, how would you engage with the locals and once rescued, where would you visit? Best table topic speaker was awarded to Joe. 
A flurry of evaluations were delivered by Nadir, Beverley, Robert, Ray and Graeme (as general evaluator). Therese gave her thanks to the speakers, timer, grammarian and evaluators who all contributed to making the evening a roaring success!! 
Your ultimate goal, if money and time were not an issue! 
16th February 2016 
Toastmaster of the Evening was Nadir Ahmed who had prepared a varied and full programme. It was Nadir's first time as TME and what a fantastic evening it was. 
There was a warm atmosphere, the room was packed with visitors and members with one of our newer members, Neil Yadav opening proceedings with his icebreaker speech "Time for a change". The theme for the meeting was about goals, if money and time were not an issue, and Neil's speech fitted right into the theme. 
The next speaker was Marce Colucci who delivered speech number 10 from his manual. His title was "When are you a success?" and he eloquently told the story of the mexican fisherman catching yellow tuna. The group congratulated Marce on reaching the milestone of completing the competent communication manual. 
Deborah Broadhurst spoke next about her goal of being lean in 2016. With a title "Watch this space" she entertained with the story of how her smart watch measures her fitness progress every step of the way. 
Lastly, Alan Batup recounted praise and concerns about Facebook, "Is it good or bad?", showering the audience with remarkable facts about the divorce rate caused by Facebook and the demise of social interaction. 
Best speaker was awarded to Marce
After a refreshing tea break, David Wilson took to the stage as table topics master, or should I say, newsroom anchor, to ask four experts about hot news items of the day. We heard from Beverley about the beaching of sperm whales, Thomas about emissions in a well known car manufacturer, Amanda was asked to explain how to calculate the distance between the earth and sun and Mark was the expert at preparing a rowing team for the Atlantic race. Best speaker was awarded to Amanda
A hot flurry of evaluations followed, with Rachel, Steve, Graeme, Jo and Brian giving their valuable feedback to the audience and speakers. Best evaluator was Brian for a richly entertaining summary of the table topics session. 
With concise reports by grammarian, Cherif and general evaluator, Randkip, the meeting came to a close and we resorted to the pub.