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News, July 2015 

Dreams and ambitions 
Beverley Christopher 
21st July 2015 

Beverley adopted a theme of dreams and ambitions to link with a historic event that happened that day with Neil Armstrong walking on the moon and making his dreams a reality. This was Beverley's first time doing the toastmaster role. She linked the theme throughout the meeting by providing some insight about the childhood dreams of the speakers and those that had key roles as part of each of their introductions. 
There was a great balance of new and experienced speakers, below is a snapshot of their speeches: 
Dan Icebreaker Speech "How I Got Here". 
Dan gave a great insight into the trial and tribulations he faced when he moved to the UK. This included being forced to interview strangers to share a flat in London. 
Randip - Icebreaker Speech "British Texan". 
Randip provided us with a lot of humour sharing his experiences working and living in Texas. His children coined the phrase British Texan to explain their nationality to those that kept asking. 
Deborah- Project 5 "Return to Edinburgh". 
Deborah literally took us on her journey to Edinburgh so we experienced the nightmare day she had where everything was going wrong. Great use of imagery and language to capture the audience. 
Asha - Project 9 "Think-Before You Repeat" 
Asha provided us with an educational speech. To ensure we understood the context of the topic Asha used a combination of hand outs and laptop. The message was strong throughout the speech we will definetly think before we repeat. 
Best speaker was awarded to Deborah
Marce - table topics master 
Marce linked the table topic to the main theme dreams and ambitions. We had a marathon table topics with 7 speakers. There was a great combination of fun speeches with very serious speeches. The winning speaker was our guest Clinton who did a fantastic job doing his version of Martin Luther Kings "I have a dream" speech. 
Best evaluator was awarded to Mell for her evaluation of Randip's icebreaker speech. 
Thank you to all of the participants who made the evening a great success. 
Daniel Roberts 
7th July 2015 
The theme of the evening was "on this day", which included the 7/7 bombings and the invention of sliced bread. 
It was Daniel Roberts' first time performing the Toastmaster role at Wokingham Speakers. 
The evening started with a handover from the previous president Amanda Bouch to the new president Melissa Sheppard
We were treated to two prepared speeches and an educational speech. The first speech was performed by Brian Moffatt who gave an entertaining talk called 'This Sporting Life'. This was then followed by Chris Hartnell's Icebreaker and an educational from Amanda Bouch on the club roles, which were both enlightening. 
Graeme Hobbs ran the Table Topics and involved a variety of soft toy animals as props. We heard evaluations from Marce Colucci, Steve Catchick and Therese Edkins
Best speaker was awarded to Chris Hartnell, best evaluator was Therese Edkins and best table topic speaker was John Murphy