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News, July 2013 

Tall Tales and special guests 
We celebrate our chartering with a party 
Paul Gardner 
Wokingham Speakers officially joined the Toastmasters International organisation on 1st June 2013. This was a huge achievement, consdering that the first "exploratory" meeting was only held in November 2012. So, to celebrate we held a Charter Party and Tall Tales Contest during July. 
Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot 
Notes from our meeting of 16th July 2013 
Rachel Tinker 
Despite the heatwave we still had a good turnout at our latest meeting. 
We started the meeting with an education slot on the Competent Leadership manual by Christina MacGuire. I think we’ll be seeing more of these manuals at future meetings. 
Next up was Jo Thayer with her Icebreaker “Tiddlywinks”. We were all astounded that she did this without any notes! What a great first speech. 
We were then informed about the “Benefits of Green Tea” by Mia Towndrow. It was noted during the break that more people asked for green tea than usual. 
Therese Edkins finished off the prepared speeches section with a speech entitled “Decisions, are they your ally or foe?” 
Best speaker of the evening went to Therese Edkins. 
Evaluations of these speeches were given by Cathy Wells, Sandra Rodwell and Mell Sheppard
Best evaluation went to Mell Sheppard
Steve Catchick ran our Table Topics session in which he asked us to give him our opinion on the topic he proposed. Amanda Bouch eavluated the Table Topics session. Marce Colucci won the vote for the best Tanble Topics speech, in which he told us about the best advice he ever recieved. 
Ian Rodwell picked out some interesting phrases from the evening in his role as Grammarian. Christine Harrington gave us her General Evaluation of the evening. It’s always interesting to have someone from another club give us some ideas we could use in future and give us feedback on how our meetings run. 
I’d like to thank all the speakers and members for helping this meeting run smoothly including Paul Gardner in his role as timer. 
Charter Celebrates with Cake 
Notes from our meeting of 2nd July 2013 
Therese Edkins 
It was my first time as Toastmaster of the Evening and I was graced with excellent speakers, a lively and entertaining table topics session and the surprise of a donation of a celebration cake by Anthony Stears. 
We commenced the meeting with an educational speech by Amanda Bouch, our very own Vice President of Education who gave a precise synopsis of the elements of the distinguished club programme and our chapter goals. The first goal of reaching charter was achieved on the night due to the fact that a number of visitors had joined the group. 
Anthony Stears, a relatively new member of the group, gave his first speech, the icebreaker entitled “Daylight Robbery”. We all listened intensely as he took us through the perils of travelling through Peru to Ecuador. 
We were then catapulted to the realms of cloud technology as Nazeer Mohammed gave his fifth speech entitled “Demystifying cloud technology” and explained the irony that cloud servers remain on terra firma. 
Richard Shearing gave the third prepared speech, “Intelligence, what is all the fuss about” and got the audience thinking about how the press report on intelligence and how it is a vital part of today’s society. 
Best speaker award went to Anthony Stears. 
Evaluations of these speeches were duly delivered with aplomb by Gary Cranford, Faisal Mooraby and Rachel Tinker of which, Gary was voted best evaluator. 
Table topics master was Paul Gardner who juggled his magic pennies and enticed members of the audience to give impromptu speaking about the years of 1986, 2010, 1977 and 2000. Andrew Sims was awarded best table topics speaker when he told us about his memories of a holiday in Spain in 1977. 
Christina MacGuire gave an eloquent evaluation of the Table Topics. 
The evening was supported by Mandy Sunner as Timer and Steve Catchick as grammarian who commented on the use of grammar and crutch words in detail. 
To round off the evening, Ian Rodwell delivered a measured and detailed report as General Evaluator. 
My thanks go to all of the speakers and members who attended the meeting for the warmth of their support and encouragement. 
A proud day for Wokingham Speakers 
From June 1st club officially becomes part of Toastmasters International 
Paul Gardner 
On June 1st Wokingham Speakers club "chartered", meaning that it officially became part of the Toastmasters International (TI) organisation. This was a proud day for us, as a number of criteria have to be met in order to be accepted into TI. The first pre-launch meeting was only held in November 2012 in order to assess interest in the area, with the first actual meeting being held in January 2013. Since then, 24 members have joined, a fantastic result from a "standing start". 
Steve Catchick, Club President said "This has been a tribute to Amanda Bouch, our Area Governor, who has put a huge effort into starting the club, assisted by other members of the committee - including two new members." 
We look forward to continuing growth, driven by the friendly and welcoming atmosphere experienced at every meeting of Wokingham Speakers 
Steve Catchick leads the Table Topics session 
Nazeer Mohammed
Nazeer and "The Cloud" 
Toastmasters International