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News, June 2015 

School and schooling, life is about continuous 
Asha Narasimha 
16th June 2015 

Asha adopted a theme of “education and continuous learning” to coincide with 90th Anniversary of Toastmasters. This theme was inspired by Asha when she conducted a workshop for year 10 students at Windsor Boys Secondary School. Asha was able to employ some of the techniques honed at Toastmasters club to deliver an effective workshop and be able to connect to the students while preaching about “skills for life” particularly on working with others. 
This was Asha’s first time as Toastmaster of the Evening, she had done a lot of ground work which gave the meeting a smooth beginning. The prepared speeches commenced with David Wilson’s “Some recollections from School Days”, starting in King’s Edward School and setting scenes of 1958. Although it was David’s first speech, there appeared to be no nerves at all.  
Beverley Christopher’s speech titled “It’s just not meant to be” was about much awaited tickets to attend athletics events during 2012 Olympics. Beverley cleverly crafted her speech and kept the audience engaged to find out if she did manage to get the tickets, using clever use of language and vocal variety. 
Jose Maria delivered his speech from CC manual project 2 titled “summer is coming”, about planning a holiday taking in to account what, when and how. Jose took the opportunity to share his recent holiday in New York and ended his speech with as excellent closure that he is already planning his 2016 holiday to Japan! 
Therese Edkins’s speech about “Power of three” was from the advanced manual, humorously speaking Project 2. Therese articulated the importance of health, wealth and happiness, even getting the audience singing! Her speech resonated with the audience's thoughts and won her the highest vote to be Best Speaker of the evening. 
Steve Catchick’s table topics was popular with a selection of education related topics. Table topics was followed by Evaluators evaluating the speeches including the Table Topics. 
Awards were given to Therese (best speaker), Brian (best evaluator) and Ian Rodwell (best table topic) and David Wilson was awarded with an Ice Braker award for making his first speech. 
Overall it was well run evening with some excellent speeches and brilliant participation by all. 
It's a dog's life 
Brian Moffatt 
2nd June 2015 
Following Paul's successful Evening of Culture at the last meeting, Brian redressed the balance by letting this meeting go to the dogs. This theme was inspired by Mell bringing Bertie the Labrador to the previous meeting to help, as Brian interpreted it, with the role of Grammarian. Bertie was perhaps Toastmaster’s first Golden Grammabrador? 
Fortunately the meeting did not end up a dog’s dinner. On the contrary, we were treated to three remarkable icebreaker talks delivered as though from experienced speakers. 
Alice Francis’s icebreaker, “Nearly”, started in Iceland where her groom nearly failed to materialise at the wedding on time. Margharita White’s icebreaker “Swing - Swing all the Way” captivated everyone with a reflective and philosophical account of her life and her journey to England. The life story theme was echoed also in Padma’s icebreaker “How did I get here?" charting her progress from childhood to the Wokingham Speakers. 
Cherif Hemici presented much needed wisdom of “how create a world champion football team” and Sandra Rodwell, completing her Project 10, truly did inspire her audience with “Do I really have to grow?” citing how the fascination, wonder and open mindedness of children can be applied to us in adulthood to great benefit. Thank you Sandra. 
Awards were given to Margharita (best talk), Mell (best evaluator) and Viv Hall (best table topic). Despite a full complement of five talks we finished on time and with relief from Brian’s copious canine quips, the worst lying somewhere between his bona Lisa by Leonardog Da Vinci and fifty shades of greyhound. But let’s not be dogmatic about that. Just bury it.