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News, March 2016 

Contest time! 
Therese Edkins 
1st March 2016 

A large audience took their seats as the club President, Mell welcomed the members, visitors and guests. This was the third International and Evaluation contest held by the club and what a roaring success it was. 
The contest chair, Therese gave a brief explanation about why it is marketed as the International speech contest and how it enabled contestants to take their club speech right through to the World Championship contest finals. 
Our chief judge, Jo confirmed that the contest officials had been fully briefed on judging, timing and vote counting, so we were ready to begin. 
Five speakers, Asha, Graeme, Brian, Steve and Nadir took to the stage to deliver a 5 to 7 minute speech and gave a diverse range of topics.  
We heard from Asha about the importance of planning, practising and praying for a home birth. Graeme inspired us to dare to dream, to create an amazing goal and tell everybody about it. His own goal is to write a book about leaders and losers. 
Brian took us back to the day when he was 14 and three quarters, he entertained us by recounting the time he took the bus to Bromley to buy a "not so" waterproof coat, so that he could walk in the rain to cross Sheila Barnes's doorstep.  
This was followed by Steve who sang about regrets but also inspired us to seize the day, namely "carpe diem". Nadir regaled us with his experience of dealing with change and also by becoming older and bolder. 
Contest winners Amanda and Nadir 
L to R, Contestants Steve, Amanda, Nadir, Marce, Therese (chair), Brian, Asha, Graeme and Deborah 
After a refreshment break, the focus was on the evaluation contest. We were treated to a test speech by Nikita from Ascot Speakers. With a speech title “oblivious”, Nikita spoke from the heart about her experience of dealing with the loss of privileges. The five contestants Deborah, Adarsh, Marce, Amanda and Steve all gave helpful commendations and recommendations on Nikita's speech. 
Following an address to the club by Nick Bailey, Area Director, it was time to reveal the results. The international speech contest was won by Nadir, runner up was Steve
The evaluation contest was won by Amanda, runner up was Steve
Nadir, Amanda and Steve will represent Wokingham Speakers at the area contest that is being held on Saturday 2nd April 2016 in Maidenhead. 
Our best wishes go to our winners as they progress to the next stage. 
My thanks go to all of the contestants, judges, timers, counters and club members that made the evening so enjoyable. 
Would you rather.... 
Marce Colucci 
15th March 2016 
Tonight’s meeting of the Wokingham Speakers was again filled with fun, humour and a few sobering reminders of how others live.  
We had an Icebreaker from Matthew who revealed how by constantly challenging himself he has learned to ride race horses, cook and a new language. A valuable lesson for all of us.  
Alan made us think about how much we today rely on the internet, and how the world would cope if it suddenly stopped. Robert gave us a glimpse into his childhood in Uganda and how each day they face danger from nature, and Nadir gave us a replay of his club winning speech – Overcoming Obstacles to Change. We wish Nadir the best of luck in the area finals on the 12th April. 
Best speaker was awarded to Alan. 
Alice then thoroughly entertained us with a clever approach to Table Topics, a different version of “Would you rather.....or..........”. The award for best table topic went to Mell. 
A very packed and educational evening as usual at Wokingham Speakers. Our next meeting is the 5th April and we welcome all visitors.