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News, May 2016 

Robert Okao 
3rd May 2016 

We had a great meeting. The theme of the evening was about culture – different cultural items representing different cultures in the club. 
Everyone was asked to bring an item from their culture – some of these items were used during table topic and others throughout the evening. 
As shown in the opposite photo, our very own President, Mell came as the Queen. 
The photo on the right shows Steve in his 60's rock and roll attire. 
Excellent prepared speeches were delivered by speakers listed below: 
Firstly, Alan gave a motivating speech on volunteering. The resounding answer from the audience on the night was ‘Yes he can’. 
A new member to the club, Paul gave his icebreaker speech called “My culture”. Paul took us through all the different cultures he has experienced; from England via Nigeria to Huston in the USA then back to England. 
By way of a contrast, Alice spoke about “Messages”, what messages are the toy makers sending our kids and are these the right messages? A very educational and informative speech. 
Neil spoke next with a speech title “Who would like to volunteer for a clinical trial?” Neil took us through the drug (pharmaceuticals) development process through to clinical trial and encouraged us to volunteer for clinical trials. 
Our final speaker was Adarsh, “I have a Dream...” Adarsh told the meeting about his dream of becoming a farmer using take away as bribery for his better halves hard work. 
Monika was the Table Topics Master and gave some challenging topics (relating to theme of the evening) for all to answer! Brian, Jo, Mellissa, Joe Woods and Steve evaluated prepared speeches. Cherif Hemici evaluated table topics speeches giving excellent feedback and tips to the speakers. 
Amanda was grammarian and provided a very colourful summary of the language used and of course of the dreaded ahh’s and umm’s!. Her word of the day was "acculturate", which worked very well with the theme of the meeting. 
John gave a very thorough and useful summary of the evening as general evaluator. 
Best speaker was awarded to Alice, best table topic speaker was awarded to Nadir and best evaluator went to Steve
A very enjoyable evening with some excellent speeches and lots of tips to help every member improve their public speaking! 
Roll on next meeting.