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News, May 2013 

So What is Emotional Intelligence? 
Special Guest Speaker at our June 4th meeting 
Emotional Intelligence - what is it and why is it important to you? 
Emotional Intelligence (also known as EI or EQ) became the buzz words of the 1990s, yet it is far from new information - and will never be out of date, as it is something that involves each one of us every single day of our lives! It's about how effectively we manage our own emotions and those of others. 
Our meeting on June 4th promises to be even more interesting than usual. We will be joined by Karen Szulakowska, who recently ran a very successful workshop on EQ at the UK and Ireland Conference of Toastmasters International. She has very kindly agreed to give us a flavour of it at our next meeting on Tuesday June 4th, at 7.30pm. She will also explain what marshmallows have to do with emotional intelligence! 
Karen's philosophy is to help enable people to be the best they can be. She has a passion for leadership and raising awareness. Her belief is that in order to manage others well “you need to learn to manage yourself.” Karen has an integrity which is core to her work and she seeks to 'walk her talk'. She always seeks to be fully present for those she is with, be it one to one or groups; encouraging people to become more aware and conscious of their actions and reactions. 
So if you are interested in hearing more about emotional intelligence, then join us on Tuesday 4th June at 7.30pm, at our usual meeting place in Rose Street, Wokingham. If you would like to learn more then feel free to contact us
Catalonia, Carnations, and Careers 
Notes from our May 21st meeting 
Ian Rodwell 
A spring meeting on 21st May was well attended by club members and two guests creating a jovial atmosphere. The beauty of our meetings is that everyone gets involved and takes a role on the night. On this occasion: 
Toastmaster of the Evening ....managing the flow of the meeting..................Ian Rodwell 
Timer ........................................keeping our speakers on time.........................Jorge de la Calle 
Grammarian..............................noting lovely phrases and those ‘crutches’ .....Christina MacGuire 
General feedback on how the meeting ran..........Mell Sheppard 
The speakers delivered a fascinating range of topics, and all passed their respective projects: 
Mia Towndrow: Project One, Ice Breaker: "Learning a language changed my life" 
Evaluator: Steve Catchick 
Jen Compton: Project Three, Get to the Point: "The 50 mile bouquet" 
Evaluator: Gary Cranford 
Nazeer Mohammed: Project Four, How to Say It: "Career Management and the Animal Kingdom" 
Evaluator: Harry Fish 
We learned about life, learning the language and experiencing a different culture culture in Spain (specifically Catalonia); how flowers (including carnations) get to us; and the parallels between our working lives (or careers) and those of the monkeys. 
Jen was voted the Best Speaker on the night, with Harry being awarded Best Evaluator. 
The Table Topics session was presided over by Cathy Wells with themed questions on "This day in history", taking questions from historic events. It was a lively session with some fantastic impromptu speeches on very diverse topics. 
Participants were: Rachel Tinker on horror books; Jo Thayer (guest) on first days at school; Jorge de la Calle on a big adventure; Paul Gardner on a task that didn’t go as planned; Christina MacGuire on a film she wished she’d seen; Sandra Rodwell on the hardest thing she’s done; Amanda Bouch on a most important invention. 
The Best Table Topics speaker was Amanda. 
The stalwarts who are helping the club move from strength to strength were applauded during the evening for their sterling efforts. The Club President Steve Catchick handed out the prizes and kept us all informed on the latest happenings in the Club and Toastmasters generally. 
The two hours of the meeting flew by, we learned a lot, felt more positive and invigorated, supported each other, laughed and gave our all. Why not come along and join us? 
What do marshmallows have to do with emotional intelligence? 
Nazeer speaking about the Animal Kingdom
Nazeer speaking about the Animal Kingdom 
Steve, our Club President
Steve, our Club President