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News, December 2014 

Hanky Panky 
Marce Colucci 
2nd December 2014 

Another fabulous evening at the Wokingham Speakers Toastmaster meeting. We had 4 great speeches and a very informative education slot from our esteemed President Amanda Bouch. 
We heard about bikes from Deborah Broadhurst – how to choose them and how to use them; Brian Moffatt spoke about the challenges of the Grammarian’s role in a TM meeting and how to make it more fun; Asha Prasanna enlightened us about how to use structured planning to help work groups be more productive; and the winner of the evening was Therese Edkins with her own rendition of Snow White! 
Steve Catchick, as Table Topics Master had us all thinking about how we can make 2015 more successful in our professional lives. He challenged the employee versus the self employed model and explored the advantages and disadvantages of each – a very novel take on Table Topics. Best Table Topic speaker was Beverly. 
We were treated to fabulous evaluations by Paul Chapman, Christina MacGuire, Cherif Hemici, Paul Gardner and Jo Thayer with best evaluator awarded to Paul Gardner
Sandra Rodwell had the pleasure of being General Evaluator and used her humour to give a summation of the meeting. 
And let’s not forget the word of the evening presented by our Grammarian Mell Shepherd – Hanky Panky. It wasn’t as easy to slide that into the speeches as one might think! I was compelled to look up the origin of this rather odd and most often, sexually orientated word. What I found was rather surprising: 
“The origin seems to be the extremely popular magic shows of around one to two hundred years ago. Said magician would perform his veritable legerdemain by waving a hanky in one hand to distract people from what he did with the other hand secretly. This prestidigitation and the fact that the hanky concealed something illicit going on led to the origin of the phrase hanky panky, with the panky bit presumably being added because, well, it rhymed with 'hanky'. 
So there you have it – next time you engage in some hanky panky, make sure nothing disappears.