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Wokingham Speakers Club

August 2016 

It was a somewhat humid evening when we held our first meeting of August 2016 on Tuesday 2nd. 
The onset of the holiday season caused us to amend the usual balance of prepared speeches and table topics, with the result that we had two prepared speeches plus seven table topic speakers. An additional education presentation was delivered by Steve Catchick. 
Deborah Broadhurst: Project CC#8, “EFL” provided us with a catalogue of oddities of the English language. Students of ‘English as a foreign language” do seem able to cope with these and Deborah supplied an array of amusing examples. 
Neil Yadav: Project CC#3, “Reaching for the stars” delivered an enthusiastic presentation of the many reasons for pressing on with the exploration of space. In particular Neil explained how our everyday experiences of SAT-NAV, solar power and such elements of modern technology have resulted directly from the investments made in space. 
Steve Catchick spoke on an educational topic; “Speech Openings”. He set out more than half a dozen methods of securing audience interest at the very beginning of a speech. He reviewed such techniques as rhetorical question, curiosity, quotation, and interesting facts – and established the importance of capturing the audience’s attention right at the outset. 
Cherif Hermici was table topics master and set a real challenge to the seven table topics participants. For each speaker he produced a book and asked for a short speech about the impact that book had had on the speaker’s life. Andrea, John, Jo, Nick, Matt, Steve and Marce wrestled manfully (or should that be personfully) with titles such as ‘Three men in a boat’, ‘Toddler Training’, and ‘Ce que le jour doit á la nuit.’ 
Therese Edkins as Grammarian set ‘sanguine’ as the word of the day. Only a few of speakers managed to introduce the word into their speeches or evaluations. She reviewed some fine phrases used during the evening and even the number of ah’s and um’s didn’t seem excessive. 
Robert Okao and Brian Moffatt evaluated our two speakers of the evening giving perceptive feedback of the speeches delivered. Our General Evaluator was Susan King who gave a clear and thorough review of the meeting. 
Best table topics award was given to Marce Colucci. 
Best evaluator award was given to Susan King. 
Our President Marce Colucci rounded off the evening with thanks to all attendees and guests.