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News, November 2014 

Steve Catchick 
4th November 2014 

Our meeting at Wokingham speakers had as usual a full evening, with 4 speakers speaking on very different topics. 
As the clocks had just recently “Fallen Back”, Toastmaster of the evening (TME) Steve Catchick, had a theme around timing. He regaled a time when he missed a holiday flight with his sons, and he and his sons had to stay in the airport for a few hours to catch the early flight in the morning. 
First speaker was our secretary and treasurer, Jo Thayer, who admitted she had a challenge with timings with the medical profession, having twice turned up a week or so early for an appointment. Her speech was about being detailed, when giving instructions to hosts you are staying with, as to travel arrangements. 
Our second speaker was President Amanda Bouch, who admitted to giving her friends a nerve racking journey to the airport, when going on a ski-ing holiday. They only just managed to get to the departure gate at the airport as it was closing. Her speech was reciting poetry, "Chocolate Cake" by Michael Rosen. Her descriptions left many of us with our mouths watering. 
Our third speaker was Matt Burchett. Matt turned up an hour early for work one year, forgetting the clocks had moved back, and didn’t notice it until he went to the canteen and was advised he was an hour too early. His speech was about illness or laziness, talking about nutrition. 
Our final speaker, Cherif Hemici, also had a challenge with arriving late at Paris airport, as they were closing the gate. He hadn’t realised the clocks had been moved forwards an hour. His speech was entitled “the present is a gift.” 
The best speaker award for the evening went to President Amanda Bouch
Andrew Sims was our Topics master, that is, Impromptu speaking, who expertly challenged us with 5 impromptu topics. Best table topic speaker was awarded to Paul Chapman
After the topics session was the evaluation session. All speeches, including the 5 topics speeches, were evaluated. Catalina Pedraza evaluated Jo Thayer. Marce Colucci evaluated Amanda Bouch. Brian Moffatt evaluated Matt Burchett and Deborah Broadhurst evaluated Cherif Hemici. Finally, Sandra Rodwell evaluated the 5 topics speeches. 
The best evaluator award went to Brian Moffatt
Asha Narasimha, stepped in as Grammarian, her first time in the role, listening for good use of English language, and those unnecessary verbal fillers. Timer Paul Chapman also gave his first meeting as timer, proving to be very attentive. 
At the end of the evening, our General evaluator, Therese Edkins, gave an excellent summary and evaluation of the evening, and of the 5 evaluators, giving helpful suggestions as to how they could possibly improve. 
Therese handed back to TME Steve Catchick, who then handed back to President Amanda Bouch, right on time at 9.30. As the theme for the evening was timing, this was very appropriate. Amanda then wrapped up the evening with the awards, and with comments from guests and members.