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News, November 2013 

Home and Away 
19 November 2013 
Sandra Rodwell 
I was delighted to be the Toastmaster of the Evening for the first time, and I appreciate that each meeting is unique and therefore each time someone takes on the role it will be a challenge. 
The level of the speeches continues to grow, and for each meeting we always learn new skills and see the efforts that each speaker puts into their speech. 
The meeting started with Neil Berryman, an excellent ice-breaker speech, with humour and an inspirational history of the beginning of his career. The title was “How my boss got me hooked”. 
Therese Edkins talked about the style of life that many Brits are looking for abroad when they emigrate. She vividly described the sensation of drinking a glass of wine in France, enjoying the breeze and summer time. Speech Title: ”Brain Drain”. 
After this Ian Rodwell gave us a brief history of Wokingham and with good humour the details about the past that still surround us in Wokingham today. The speech title was “Wocca”. 
Faisal Mooraby immersed us in the history of people that made history and are still relevant today for us. The speech title was “Hy and Ralph”. 
The evaluators of the speeches were: Tsitsi Madzinigra, Lorraine Hamilton, Steve Catchick, and Amanda Bouch
The table topics session was conducted by Jorge de la Calle, who gave the opportunity for some members to think about their plans and goals for 2014, the questions were very creative and made for some funny responses. 
I would like to say thank all that participated at our meetings: guests, members, our President: Steve Catchick, Timer: Jo Thayer, Grammarian: Mia Towndrow, and our General Evaluator: Rachel Tinker. 
The meeting was a success and this reminds me of a beautiful phrase that describes the satisfying results when we work together as a group: 
Out of Africa 
Notes from our meeting on 5th November 2013 
Christina MacGuire 
On November 5 we had another lively meeting at Wokingham Speakers with Christina MacGuire leading the meeting as Toastmaster. With nice references to the history of Guy Fawkes, there were surprisingly few firework interruptions! 
We had two very interesting and entertaining prepared speeches. Richard Moore presented his Icebreaker “Give Me a Break” where he told us about his passion for rugby and various, repeated rugby related injuries and how they impacted on his holiday plans. Then we had Jo Thayer presenting an informative Speech 2, “Best Foot Forward” on the benefits of reflexology and how she was inspired to train in this field, with her lovely use of humour. See how the titles had us intrigued beforehand. 
Special thanks to Amanda Bouch for stepping in at the last minute to present a very useful educational on dramatic openings and powerful calls to action to make our speeches extra memorable, giving us lots of examples. What a great learning experience. 
Due to a last minute speech drop out, the impromptu speaking session was extended, and what a fun theme it was. Tsitsi Madzinigra confidently started by telling us about being a tourist in her home country and the delights of visiting Victoria Falls for the first time. We then had a number of questions about entertaining overseas visitors in this country, including a trip to Oldham (who’d have thought?), through to the delights of the African safari experience, and which of the “big 5” we liked most. Overall, a most enjoyable session. 
Mark Emmanuelson, Area Governor was in attendance for his official visit and gave a helpful General Evaluation, with lots of commendations in particular for the evaluators. Anthony Stears was particularly complimented on his comprehensive timekeepers reports, which helped us all with the topics vote. 
Steve Catchick delivers an impromptu education slot.