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News, October 2015 

Birthday Treats 
Marce Colucci 
6th October 2015 

Tuesday’s Wokingham Speakers meeting had a slight twist. Not only did we have the regular array of captivating prepared speeches, but we used the time to help our TWO club contest winners rehearse for the both the humourous speech and the table topics area final. And it was well worth it as our own Amanda Bouch advanced to the division finals in Dorking. 
The rest of the evening was not without its excitement. From an Icebreaker by Karen Marshall to table topics all about birthdays and birthday “treats” the evening was full of diversity and entertainment. 
In addition to Karen's prepared speech, the audience listened to prepared speeches from Randip Chhokar called "Recipe for Success" and Alice Francis whose title was "The Death of the Appraisal". 
Karen received an award for her icebreaker speech and Alice was awarded best speaker. 
Best table topic was awarded to Nadir and Daniel received the award for best evaluator. 
And the 5 visitors who were present, all thoroughly enjoyed the quality and skill of all the speakers who took part – either by choice or by nomination! They also enjoyed what has become a new tradition at Wokingham Speakers – having our visitors speak to the audience on their first visit – just to introduce themselves and prove to them that speaking in front of an audience isn’t death defying. 
Tricks of the (Speaking) Trade 
John Murphy 
20th October 2015 
As usual everyone attending Tuesday's meeting showed great enthusiasm and appetite as the evening unfolded. Some extra spice being added by a visit from the Area Governor, Nick Bailey
A goodly number of visitors and some recent returnees who joined on the evening made sure that those looking to improve their speaking skills were well represented. 
The evening started with congratulations to both Therese Edkins and Amanda Bouch who had both done well in Area and Division contests. 
There were two prepared speeches in the evening, Robert Okao providing sage advice to anyone considering a mid-career change and Deborah Broadhurst who regaled us with recent conversations she's had with her four year old grandson about why pretending a human skeleton could ever match the size of a dinosaur was taking things too far. 
The next part of the evening we tried something new. Acting as MC, our President, Mell Shepherd, posed some pertinent questions about succeeding as a speaker. One question asked how new members facing their first icebreaker speech could eliminate any nerves they might have. Answers came thick and fast and all were tremendously useful, The highlight for me was what I'm now calling 'The Randip' as we were shown how to breathe deeply and expand our chest to settle us down. 
The response to this new initiative was very positive and it was gratifying to see both members and guests joining in the discussion. 
After the break it was time for Table Topics and Steve Catchick reminded us all that for members to improve we should not be afraid to put some challenging topics out there. Which is exactly what Steve did. keeled over! 
The final part of the evening saw speech evaluations by Randip Chhokar and Marce Colucci. The daunting task of evaluating the Table Topics session fell to Alice Francis. All the evaluators contributed to improving our speaking skills. 
As the evening drew to a close Mell presented awards for best Table Topic to Alan (one of our new members) and to Alice for evaluation. 
At the next meeting we are looking forward to hearing the winner of the Division Humourous speech contest, Maria James, as she prepares herself for the District conference.