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News, October 2014 

Matt Burchett 
21st October 2014 

As Toastmasters celebrate 90 years of existence this month, Matt the Toastmaster of the Evening selected a YMCA theme, as this was where Toastmasters as we know it today (over 14,650 clubs in 126 countries) began. 
The first half of the evening consisted of 5 prepared speeches. Kicked off by Paul C with a very entertaining speech promoting the power of speech, evaluated by Amanda. Next up was Asha with an enlightening speech about disappearing languages and our responsibility for passing on the baton, evaluated by Jorge
Followed by Catalina impressing us with the benefits of smart water and why we should embrace it, evaluated by Christina. Next was Paul G with a nostalgic trip into the past promoting the power of visual aids, evaluated by Steve C. Finally, we had Therese with a very humorous and entertaining speech about Reading football club, evaluated by Mell
After a refreshing break the second half of the meeting kicked off with TableTopics hosted by Richard. Topics were based upon the YMCA Village People theme. 
First up was Andrew as a Red Indian enlightening us with the cultural aspects of Radio 3. Second up was Steve C as Leatherman and his passion for leather fashion. Third up was Ian as Bob the Builder and the hardships of home renovation. Fourth up was Christine as a Cowboy with a fetish for boots, hats and hot weather. Finally, we had Jose as a cop being pestered by the law in Spain. 
All table-topic impromptu speeches were ably evaluated by Rachel. Our grammarian for the evening, Nirmala chose "envisage" as the word of the day. Which tied in nicely with the YMCA theme for the evening. 
Finally, Brian provided general comments and feedback on the meeting and any roles not already evaluated. 
Therese was voted Best Speaker on the night, with Mell voted Best Evaluator and Andrew being the Best Table Topics Speaker. 
After a round up by the President of the Club we all headed out into the night and round to the welcoming pint at the Ship pub. 
Back to normal 
Ian Rodwell 
7th October 2014 
The first cold winds and rain of autumn had arrived but a warm welcome was assured at Wokingham Speakers, as always. 
Following the excitement of a Club Competitions night and the special Educational Workshop evening with guest speaker Freddie Daniels, we were all back for another club night that as usual was filled with applause and laughter. 
The Toastmaster of the Evening was Ian Rodwell and the timing was impecably recorded by Therese Edkins with the Grammarian Mell Sheppard giving us the benefit of checking our English and crutch words and choosing the word of the day which was "woebegone". 
The speakers this evening were: Deborah Broadhurst who advised us "Which Way is South" and how to get lost on your bike; Marce Colucci who told of us of his first solo flight in "Adrenalin"; Sandra Rodwell delivered a speech titled "Madam, we don't have the material" a tale of frustration dealing with builders and coping with a house refurbishment. 
The Evaluators of the speeches were insightful and encouraging in their comments. Deborah's speech was evaluated by Asha Nirasimha, Marce's speech by Mia Towndrow, Sandra's speech by Paul Gardner
A special presentation by Steve Catchick, rehearsing his speech "Blind Date", as Steve has won through to the Division Humorous Speech Competition on 18th October 2014. Steve's speech was evaluated by Club President Amanda Bouch
The Table Topics session was an eclectic and varied mix well presented by Graeme Hobbs. Graeme selected Amanda Bouch, Ian Rodwell, Deborah Broadhurst, Matt Burchett, Cherif Hemici, and Catalina Pedraza to be put on the spot to give a short impromptu speech. 
The evaluation of the Table Topics session was given with gusto by Jo Thayer
Marce Colucci was voted Best Speaker on the night, with Paul Gardner voted Best Evaluator and Amanda Bouch being the Best Table Topics Speaker. 
After a round up by the President of the Club we all headed out into the night and round to the welcoming pint at the Ship pub.