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News, September 2015 

The Debate 
Mell Sheppard 
1st September 2015 

Tuesday 1st September saw a very different, yet very enjoyable evening at Wokingham Speakers. 
After the usual welcomes and introductions, Randip took the stage as TableTopics Master. Randip asked the audience to each write down an unknown fact about themselves. A Member was then called to the stage to pick one of these facts out of a hat and then create a short speech based on who they believed it could be. Not only was it a very refreshing take on Topics, it was also very entertaining and certainly got the audience in the mood for the rest of the evening! 
Amanda won the ribbon for Best Topic. 
We then moved on to the Debate section of the evening. This had not been tried at Wokingham Speakers before, but had been requested a number of times by our Members, so we thought why not give it a go! 
Four teams were created, with three Members in each team. Team A and B were arguing For and Against the topic “This House Proposes that the Motorway Speed Limit be Increased to 90MPH”. Team C and D were arguing For and Against the topic “This House Proposes that Smoking is Legalised in All Office Buildings”. Each team had twenty minutes in which to plan their arguments, with each team member taking on the role of, Introducer, main Debator, Concluder. 
After a short break, we regrouped to hear the arguments, which were well constructed, persuasive and even humourous at times by all involved. Sadly, only one team could walk away victorious and this went to Team A, who were arguing For the case of the Motorway Speed Limit being increased to 90MPH – so watch out as you drive through Wokingham from now on! 
We then moved on to our Evaluation section. Steve gave us a thorough report on Topics, we heard from our General Evaluator, John, who gave his feedback on the evening as a whole and we also had a Group Evaluation ( something that had not been tried before ) around the Debate section. 
Wrapping up the evening was our Grammarian Clare who gave a competent report on all language and verbal crutches used throughout the course of the evening. 
After a little Club business, which included discussion around the much anticipated Impromptu Workshop, successfully run by Steve Catchick, we made our way to The Ship for a well deserved Nightcap! 
Contest Time!! 
Cherif Hemici 
15th September 2015 
Our annual Humorous Speech and Table Topics Contest attracted a big crowd this evening. 
"Fake it until you bake it!" by Therese Edkins won the first prize for the Humorous Speech. We learned some useful shortcuts to bake the perfect cake, the audience was kept in laughter from start to finish. 
The big wolf did not deter the children!. What an amazing and well-staged Humorous Speech from Mell Sheppard with her speech entitled "What about the Wolf?". Mell won second place. 
Brian Moffatt told a very amusing speech about a "Man Manual" which kept the audience entertained and on their toes. 
The speech entitled "The oldest profession", from Steve Catchick, had a mischievous title and great sense of humour, we learnt about selling techniques. 
The question of the table topic invited speakers to tell us about how they would deal with someone in position of power who wants you to fail? 
Amanda Bouch won the table topic by recommending us to get your CV ready. We treated to a range of answers from Paul Gardner, Deborah Broadhurst, Steve Catchick and Randhip. 
Cherif Hemici was Contest Chair and Thomas White as Chief Judge organised the team of judges, counters and timers to support the contest with Jo Thayer as Sergeant at Arms. 
Therese and Amada will go on to represent Wokingham Speakers in the Area 21 Contest at Burnham on 10th October. This should be a great event and all are encouraged to attend and support our members. 
We wish them the best of luck!